10 Expert Ways to Check the Quality of Fabric

Finding Reliable Uniform Company in Dubai can be a highly difficult task as it is not a piece of cake to identify good-quality clothing. Here are some tips to check if the quality of the fabric is good, so you do not have to struggle to find good quality uniforms ever again!

Check the Seams:

Checking the seams is the easiest way to identify the quality of clothing. When buying any piece of clothing, remember to turn it inside out and observe the seams. If the seams are stitched over multiple times, poorly stitched, or are not straight, then it shows poorly done work, which will make the clothing last for a short time.

Perform the “Scrunch Test”:

The “scrunch test” is a very easy test to identify if the shirt is of good quality and if it will last a long time or not. Simply hold a part of the fabric in your fist; keep on holding for a few seconds and then release. If the fabric remains in that shape, then it indicates low quality. 

Check the Facings and Interfacings:

Facing and interfacing play a huge role in maintaining a fabric for a long time. Facings close the raw edges of the fabric, whereas interfacings help keep the fabric together. Both are equally important, and if a fabric does not contain them, then you need to look for other pieces of clothing!

Check the Buttonholes:

You can tell the quality of fabric just through the buttonholes. If a buttonhole has tight stitching and thick thread reinforcement around it, then it means it is of good and long-lasting quality. 

Perform the “Pull Test”:

The “pull test” includes pulling a piece of clothing lightly to see if it retains its shape afterward. If its shape stays intact, it is of good quality. If it does not, it’s time to move to another fabric.

Check the Hem:

In good quality clothing, the hem is sewn in such a way that it hides the rows of stitching and retains its shape as well. If the hem is poorly sewn, and when turned up, you can see the stitches, it is surely a bad sign.

Never Forget to Check the Care Instruction Label:

By looking at the fabric tag, you can tell the quality of the fabric. Natural fabric like cotton, silk, wool, etc. is more long-lasting than fabric containing synthetic materials.

Check if the Fabric Pattern Matches Up:

By checking the side seams or pockets, you can tell the quality of the fabric. If the fabric pattern does not match up at the side seams or pockets, it indicates that low effort was put into making the fabric.

Pulling the Seams Lightly:

By tugging at the seams lightly, you can tell the quality of the fabric. Tight seams with more stitches per inch indicate good quality garments. 

Check the Lining:

Although not all fabrics need a lining, having a lining is always a good sign. It not only maintains the fabric but also makes it last longer.

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