Scrub Suits

Scrub Suits

Most medical practitioners such as the nurses and even the doctors choose scrub suits as their working uniforms. In fact, the scrub suits comprising of a loose top and pants is the standard uniform for nurses in the US and in several other countries. Some hospitals have come up with uniform regulations that specific colors, cut and fit. However, in most health-related institutions, nurses are allowed to wear scrubs of personal choice.

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Most female and male nurses now a days love fashion and need to look great whether it is on the job, casual gathering or going out on the town. And since these scrub suits is your constant buddy at work, they must reflect the kind of person you are by merely choosing the best that will naturally complement your personality and style.

If you are going to purchase your scrub suits, you can remember some hints on buying them. Here are a few things that you should know about selecting the right scrubs.

Even if it means you have to spend more, choose and buy scrub suits from a good quality manufacturer. Don’t let go on the quality just because you eyed on a few cheap pairs at the shop. Take note that you have to be in time for your shifts and you cannot bother with linty scrubs, or scrubs with the stitching coming out, or scrubs with the color washed out. Get one good pair instead of 3 bad ones. Focusing on branded ones does not mean hit the retailer and spend all your money on multiple outfits. Remember that most brands hold sales!

No one would know you better than your own self. If you are the simple type of person, you feel most comfortable wearing the same basic thing every day (or some iteration of it). But looking around your workplace, probably you are already being left out to the newest fashion trends. Your decision will greatly depend on whether you will feel comfortable with a new look because of either stylish or basic tunic design. You can discover a new you if you give yourself a chance to try out different styles while at home or out with some friends on your day off. The result may boost your self-esteem which is a positive sign. Finding the right scrub clearly takes a bit of trial and error.

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We are proud to be the UAE Medical Uniform whole sellers and distributor for all types of medical uniforms. Our brands lead the way in manufacturing and design. We are dedicated to uniforms and footwear that create a warmer, friendlier and more comfortable atmosphere for healthcare workers and the patients with which they interact. We do accept complete range of health care uniform designer and customization especially in Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai. All our medical uniforms are of good quality in terms of stitching, finishing, threadwork, textile and fabrics. Thy are really comfortable and designed according to the environment of United Arab Emirates and Gulf.

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We are dedicated to bringing the fashion, comfort and quality of the ready-to-wear market to the functional apparel worn by healthcare professionals. You may have already noticed how our International’s products bring a little more style and personality to uniforms without sacrificing the functionality you need to do your job.

We are always creating new fashions and bringing the best designs from ready-to-wear to uniforms. Check out our “What’s New” section to see the latest introductions.

New Fabrications — we brought Denim to healthcare and have recently introduced products that offer the fit and comfort of a Stretch Sateen fabric and the extra softness of a fabric we call Plush Touch, which is brushed inside and out.

The Most Beautiful Prints — we work with artists to create a broad array of exclusive designs – from floral to geometrics to conversational prints.

We work with a nationwide panel of nurses who give us feedback on new products and industry trends. Also, we test all of our garments before they are manufactured with the highest quality standards.

We accept offline orders, if you cannot find what you are looking for online, or need a quote simply contact us to discuss your needs.